First rehearsal again!

Started rehearsals for The Complete Works Of William Shakespeare (abridged) last night.
This is going to be a lot of fun! The cast is hilarious, the designs are great, and the piece feels great in an intimate space like Tipping Point, which means it’ll feel good at the Williamston Theatre, too! (This is a co-production: after the run at Tipping Point it’ll move to the WT for the summer).

One of our “themes” or “concepts” (I hate that word) for the piece is that these 3 actors love Shakespeare and have decided to do a production of all of his stuff. In doing so, the idea is that they each took sections and were in charge of certain segments of Shakespeare’s work, and the other two would follow their lead in those sections. It’s a fun, simple idea that I think will provide a lot of opportunities for inventiveness, conflict and comedy.

So – rehearsal one!

Aral Gribble, Kevin Young, Laurel Hufano

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2 thoughts on “First rehearsal again!

  1. i did this at emu in the lab a few years back and had a ton of fun with it, great cast. i seriously can’t wait to see yours!!! best of everything as you all work through it!

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