Careful, LiveJournal users

A warning: a friend of mine on LJ just had her journal hacked – they wiped out her journal, posted fake entries, changed passwords, all sorts of things.

Now might be a good time to A) update your password to something more complicated, and B) make sure you’ve found a way to back-up any entries you want permanently archived.

2 thoughts on “Careful, LiveJournal users

  1. Hey Tony.
    So far, livejournal sent me a form letter saying that there is no way to restore any of the deleted entries.
    Livejournal gets the big “fail” on this one.
    I’ll let you know if anything changes.

    1. Kate- that really really sucks. I hope they come up with a more helpful answer than that! I hate the idea of 8 years worth of journaling just disappearing! And why the helm would someone DO that to your account?!

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