Careful, LiveJournal users

A warning: a friend of mine on LJ just had her journal hacked – they wiped out her journal, posted fake entries, changed passwords, all sorts of things.

Now might be a good time to A) update your password to something more complicated, and B) make sure you’ve found a way to back-up any entries you want permanently archived.

2 thoughts on “Careful, LiveJournal users

  1. Hey Tony.
    So far, livejournal sent me a form letter saying that there is no way to restore any of the deleted entries.
    Livejournal gets the big “fail” on this one.
    I’ll let you know if anything changes.

    • Kate- that really really sucks. I hope they come up with a more helpful answer than that! I hate the idea of 8 years worth of journaling just disappearing! And why the helm would someone DO that to your account?!

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