It’s closing week of Panache! Already?!

It’s closing week of Panache!

This show has gotten all rave reviews, if you’ve not seen it – this is your last chance! 🙂

For a taste of a couple of the reviews, here are some links:

The Lansing State Journal says the show is “a delightfully funny evening of fast, smart banter, real human emotion and absolutely terrific acting.”

Encore Michigan says Panache “delivers some of the most endearing theatre of the season”!

This show has been a delight to have on our stage. It’s a big challenge for us – in our little space and with the economy worsening, a cast of 5 can be a financial challenge. It’s one we were excited to tackle, though, because we really liked the story in this play. And we really liked these actors! We’re truly grateful for all of the support from audiences and critics – Director Suzi Regan did a fabulous job of leading the team of designers, crew and cast in creating a piece of theatre that really fits what we like to do here at the Williamston! It makes you laugh, it chokes you up a bit, it makes you think, and when you leave you want to re-connect with the people you love. In our book, that’s a good evening of theatre!

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