Miscellaneous Sunday Things

Closing Panache at Williamston Theatre today. This week we’ve been packed! I think Saturday matinee was the only day not sold out. Today I was going to watch the final show, but we had walk-in audience members looking for tickets, so I let the box office sell mine! I would’ve loved to have seen the show again, but even more I want to sell tickets and get happy patrons! 🙂

So a couple of days ago one of my actors, Laurel Hufano, had to drop out of Shakespeare, Abridged, the show I’m directing at Tipping Point Theatre (that will move to Williamston in June and be our summer show). Laurel injured her ribcage (not in rehearsal), and separated the muscle from one of her ribs – she’s in a ton of pain, and doing the show was impossible. SO – live theatre – we start previews on Wednesday of next week, and I start working with the new cast member, Keith Kalinowski, this evening! Keith will be great, we’ll all be working overtime the next few days to get everything up to speed, but I’m fully confident that it’ll be wonderful!

Went out for a great brunch with my family this morning! We’ve been so busy, some sit-down-and-eat-and-talk time has been sorely needed. During the brunch, I couldn’t help but laugh: Maggie picked an italian sub and hot chocolate(?!) and Max ate a cheeseburger as big as his head “lots and lots of pickles, please!”. I’m so often re-amazed at the people my kids are becoming. Sometimes it just stops me in my tracks to think that I’ve got an 11 year old daughter, and my son will be 9 next month. When did that happen?! And Jeanne and I just marvel at their creativity, their ingenuity, their stubborn persistence in getting their own way! I’m not even sure where this train of thought is going, other than that despite the poor economy and constant “bill paying” issues, I love my life. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Sunday Things

  1. Pickles
    Chipper D. here!
    #1) Kudo’s to the kid who ordered the extra pickles on the sandwich. I love extra pickles!
    #2) Is there an irony here that you’re feeling ‘Chipper’?!?

    • Re: Pickles
      *laughing* Hi Chip! Let’s clarify: I’m not feeling Chipper. My MOOD is chipper! You’re on your own to find someone to help you with that whole “Feeling Chipper” thing!

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