One way to have an interesting morning…

This morning I was on my way out to a Production Meeting that I was almost going to be late for when Sneakers, our dog, freaked out. She jumped up from where she’d been lazily watching me leave, and started going insane in front of the basement door.

“Hmmm…” said my uncanny spider-sense. “This is not normal behavior! Something strange is happening!”. (like I said, uncanny!)

Not seeing anything in the hallway that could be the cause of her barking jumping and clawing at the basement door I took another HUGE leap in logic… and opened the door.

It was the SOUND of the rushing water that first caught my attention. Only seconds later was my attention also caught by the sight of the large stream of water, about 4 feet off the ground, that was rocketing across my line of vision at the bottom of the staircase.

“Yep”, said the spider-sense, “Something strange is happening.”

Moving briskly down the steps, I stopped a couple steps from the bottom to admire the jet of water that, I could now see, was hitting the basement wall to the front and left of me. I mean, it’s not something you see in you house every day, and a part of me just wanted to take in how interesting it was to see water pouring down a wall and forming a small lake in my basement!

I do take some pride, though, that while one part of my brain was going “Hey! Basement lake, neat!”, another part of my brain was yelling “Shut off valve! There should be a shut off valve! USE IT!”

That part of my brain, it turns out, was correct. Just a few feet below the burst pipe coupling was a valve that shut off the water. After using the valve for it’s God-granted purpose, I took stock:
One minor basement lake. Lots of wet stuff, nothing valuable or horribly susceptible to disintegration or destruction from water.

So, since things seemed to be more or less under control, I did the next thing that seemed appropriate: I went upstairs, thanked the dog for notifying me (“What Lassie? Tummy’s in the well?!”), and went to my meeting.

Of course, on the way there I made arrangements to have it fixed, and I came home after and cleaned up the mess… And after a very fun day of meetings, cleaning basement messes and rehearsing plays I’m happy to say that I’m back home and all’s well…but I’m a little afraid to go in the basement.

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