Good things!

Chuck was awesome last night! Jeanne and I love this show, it’s sweet, silly, funny, and I really hope it’s not cancelled!

This video, VALIDATION, is quite fun: a simple, moving little fable about life, positive energy, and free parking!

This former astronaut says “We’re Not Alone In The Universe” – do you agree or disagree?

Williamston Theatre announces a Saturday Storytelling Series for young people and adults!

The 7th Annual Grilled Cheese Invitational is coming soon! Man, I want a grilled cheese sandwich now. (For an added bonus, here’s Hints For Making A Champion Sandwich!)

The last “Good Thing” for today is: Rehearsals for The Complete Works Of William Shakespeare, abridged at Tipping Point are going well! Keith Kalinowski, who just took over a role this weekend with 4 days until previews, is doing wonderful work! It’s a fun, funny show, and I’m excited for audiences to see it! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Good things!

  1. Boy, they sure tied up a lot of loose ends on “Chuck” last night, though, eh? It’s like they want to be prepared just in case they are cancelled.

    1. Yep, rumor has it that the show is in danger of being cancelled, and last night really felt like they set it up so, just in case, all us fans had a happy sendoff! 🙂
      I just love the show – it’s silly, charming, funny, and a nice escape! I hope it’s not cancelled!

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