A long, thoughtful, silly little entry

Today, I got to go to the Star Trek Exhibition at the Detroit Science Center!

It was pretty damned great. For a lot of reasons.

For those of you who may be new to this journal, I’m an unabashed nerd. Yep, every now and then I’ll fly my geek flag proudly, and this was one of those days! In fact, this whole week will be one of those weeks, because the new Star Trek movie comes out on Friday, and I can’t wait!!

The Exhibition today was wonderful. I went with my pal Joe, another self-proclaimed geek, and we had a blast. There were a ton of props and costumes, and a whole lot of fun stuff to look at. Big set pieces, you got to walk through a Star Trek The Next Generation hallway and transporter room with a peek into Captain Picard’s quarters. It was ridiculously fun.

The highlight for me, though, was the recreation of the bridge of the original Enterprise. It was just so… cool. I mean, to step through the doors where the turbolift (elevator, for those of you not of the One) would be, and to be on the bridge… it was, simply, magical.

Magical, because…here’s the thing: Not only was I on the bridge, with Kirk, Spock and the whole crew, but…

I was on the floor of our living room with my Dad – watching re-runs of Star Trek as a kid. I remember so vividly sitting on the floor, with my Dad, watching this show, eating bowls of popcorn. (Always on the floor – my Dad loved to sit on the floor in FRONT of the couch, leaning back against it… and I find myself doing that all the time now also!) That’s where my love of science fiction started.

I was with my Dad, on one of our first hunting trips up North, when we stopped at a gas station and he bought me a comic book to pass the drive time – my first Star Trek comic… oh boy, was I hooked.

I was in my college dorm room, the night Star Trek The Next Generation premiered, with about 20 other people watching the premiere, and being amazed at a whole new Enterprise, and shouting with joy when DeForest Kelley appeared as an aged and wizened Dr. McCoy to ‘pass the torch’ from one crew to the next. Those Star Trek watching parties became a tradition that lasted several more years.

I was in an advanced acting class at college, doing a 2 person scene: Spock’s death from The Wrath of Khan, with my friend Mike. (We killed ’em, by the way. Nailed it. “I have been, and always shall be, your friend.” People wept.)

I was standing in line, with some guys who would go on to be some of my best friends in the world, to see more than one midnight premiere of a new Star Trek movie.

I was at a Star Trek convention watching Patrick Stewart do a Shakespeare monologue so brilliantly that you could’ve heard a pin drop. I think of that whenever I do monologue work.

I was opening a birthday present from a girlfriend… a Star Trek uniform that she’d sewn herself. That girlfriend went on to become my wife… and she still rocks!

I was in Las Vegas with Duncan and Mike, just last Fall, so we could see the “Star Trek Experience” before it closed down. The “Experience” is gone now, but that trip will stay with me.

So the thing is, for me, today was about having fun, being silly, and letting my geek flag fly – no question. But it was more than that. It was a re-connection with something that’s been there, literally, as long as I can remember. We all have that something in our lives – a tv show, a sports franchise, a song, a band, a book, a movie, a car, a place… that something that seems to be there helping to string together the moments of our lives as we work to build them.

if you’ve bothered to read this far, you know what your something is… and I hope that you take the time to re-connect with it.

In fact, I urge you to make the time to re-connect with it.

I got to do that today… I stepped onto a silly replica of a television set from 40 years ago, and I was – I’m gonna say it – transported…

…and it was pretty damned great.

There was a little turbulence in our battle with the Romulans… but as you can see from Joe’s perfectly executed phaser firing finger, we took care of the problem.

13 thoughts on “A long, thoughtful, silly little entry

  1. Great post, Tony. My mind is now lost in a plethora of happy, nerd-related memories.
    Also, we kicked Romulan ass.

    • I think it was clear to everyone around that we were the victors, and the Romulans were little sissy-pants who ran and hid. That’s how I remember it, anyway!

  2. Awesome post
    Fantastic post…made me a little teary eyed even…you fly that Geek flag and fly it proud big brother!
    I wonder what my “thing” is…hmmm….

  3. Me too
    I’m heading there Monday with a couple of buddies – and we plan to see the new Star Trek movie in the Science Center’s IMAX. I can’t wait…

    • Re: Me too
      I bet the movie will look fantastic in that IMAX space! Heck, if I like it when I see it on Friday, maybe I’ll see it again in the IMAX later! 🙂 Have fun!

  4. Great post Tony. Great picture! You guys are hilarious! And I remember when Jeanne gave you that uniform! So fun.

  5. from Britta
    I loved this post, Tony! My first time reading your blog, and I’ll be back for sure. Your story was rich with nostalgia and beautifully crafted. It’s got me even more excited for the new Star Trek movie!!!
    One of these days, when I’m back in MI for a visit, I will come see one of your plays. It sounds like you’ve got a fantastic theater there!
    All the best,

    • Re: from Britta
      Good to hear from you, thanks for stopping by! I hope things are going well in your world!
      And, please, DO stop by when you’re back in Michigan – it’d be great to see you!

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