Williamston Theatre – 2009/2010 Season

Infinite Ache
by David Schulner
A fresh and heartfelt play about love, time and the infinite directions in which two lives can travel. As a pair of lonely twenty-somethings are about to end a supremely uninteresting first date, the myriad possibilities of their futures and a life shared together come rushing to meet them. From first date to first child, from tragedy to new beginnings, this is a love story filled with humor, warmth, dazzling theatrical magic and a hope that second dates are worth the effort!

This Wonderful Life
by Steve Murray
The beloved American film classic It’s A Wonderful Life comes to the stage. Williamston Theatre’s own John Lepard will play more than 30 roles in this one-man tour de force that delivers a witty and moving story that is sure to capture your heart and captivate your spirit. This Wonderful Life reminds us of the power of perspective, friendship and family.

The Smell Of The Kill
by Michele Lowe
Three women, their husbands, and a deep freezer. With social commentary both hilarious and biting, this dark comedy about men, women, marriage and malice explores the dangerous desire to keep up appearances… at any cost. A co-production with Tipping Point Theatre.

It Came From Mars
by Joseph Zettelmaier
Halloween, 1938. Six actors are in rehearsal when they hear an alarming announcement come over the radio – Martians have landed! Honesty and hilarity ensue when the dramatic dramatists are faced with true drama. Limited Engagement World Premiere! A co-production with Performance Network.

Home: Voices From Families of The Midwest
The Williamston Theatre presents the final installment of our groundbreaking Voices From the Midwest trilogy. Using the voices of both young and old, the creative team behind last season’s smash-hit Maidens, Mothers and Crones explores the concept of family and its many definitions. Through song, scenes, and monologues we’ll examine how family both includes and transcends bloodlines, defining our worlds in very personal ways. World Premiere

Five Course Love
Music, Lyrics and Book by Gregg Coffin
One night .. .Three actors … Five restaurants … Fifteen characters … Welcome to Five Course Love! The endearing and often elusive search for love has never been played out more colorfully than in this high-energy screwball Musical Comedy! With a breathtaking range of musical styles, Five Course Love is a delicious look at the chance for romance.

4 thoughts on “Williamston Theatre – 2009/2010 Season

      • Oh Thanks! Things are good with me. Having so much fun with my little guy-he is at such a fun age with lots of personality emerging and on the verge of crawling. I have a feeling all hell will break loose any second! 🙂

        • Oh yes, your world is about to change BIGTIME!! *laughing*
          Man, I remember those times: fun in all sorts of ways, when they realize “Hey! I can go TO stuff!! SWEEEET!”
          You’re gonna love it!

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