Random thoughts from a day in the life of an Artistic Director.

I should cut back on caffeine again.

The to-do list: there’s something very satisfying in checking things off of it, even as you add to it MORE than you’ve checked off! I think the trick is to really fall in love with that process of asking, in the words of Jed Bartlett, “What’s next?”

Announcing a season is fun. For 18 seconds you can not worry about what your NEXT season will be! *laughing*

Less caffeine? But those Cinnamon Dulce Doubleshots are sooo good!

Today, I was reminded that I love working with people I trust, who are good at their jobs, and are quality people. Man, that’s a good feeling.

Today, I was also reminded that one of my least favorite things is having someone who doesn’t know me, my life or my calendar imply that I’m not working hard enough at my job. Or imply that someone in my company isn’t working hard enough. Or that we don’t care. I mean… Really? The idea goes from laughable to annoying and, fortunately, back to laughable. Ah well, an inherent part of the position of being “in charge”, I suppose.

Our bathroom renovation plans may be able to move forward, we just need a bit more “matching funds”. Let’s hope we can raise it – this could be a nice improvement to our building!

Okay, 18 seconds are up. I need to start looking at plays for the 2010/2011 Season.

After over 3 years in the building, why can’t I find the time to paint over this ugly color on my office walls?!

Stone Soup Storytelling is this Saturday. We’ve been marketing it a lot, I hope the audience is big: Dawn does wonderful, enchanting work. I love how similar yet different the Art of Storytelling is from the Art of Theatre. As much as we profess to get audiences to use their imaginations, we still use a set, props, costumes, etc… The Storyteller paints it all for us with words and rhythms!

It was mentioned, again, that the theatre industry is again in a state of emergency in the area of public awareness, interest, support and assignation of value. Is this really the case, though? Or are we still in the same state of emergency that’s been there for decades?

Seriously, red walls would be fine for my office. Blue, yellow, even beige…

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2 thoughts on “Random thoughts from a day in the life of an Artistic Director.

  1. Huh?
    Quick slacking off, Caselli, and get back to work. (How ANYONE can suggest you guys at Williamston aren’t working your butts off day in, day out is beyond me. But for some, I guess, ignorance is bliss…)

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