Sleeping on the trampoline?

So the kids are really, really wanting me to spend the night with them on the trampoline sometime soon.

Did I mention we got a trampoline for the backyard? It was a great deal, we got it from one of Jeanne’s friends. It came with a brand-new unused screen that wraps around it.

It’s a fun thing to have – the kids jump on it a lot more than me, but I should be using it more, to supplement my diet with better exercise. Especially since tonight I cheated on my diet. (But what’s a Dad to do?! My daughter made her special homemade-from-scratch chocolate chip vanilla pecan cookies!! If I DON’T eat a couple I’m the worst Dad ever!)

When my son is jumping on it, it looks like this:

(Click to embiggen the pic!)
So, anyway, the kids want me to spend the night on it with them before the weather gets too chilly.

We just bought new sleeping bags for them (they’d finally outgrown their “little kid” Disney sleeping bags!), so we’ve got the right equipment.

So, looks like we’ll be spending the night in the backyard sometime before long…

I just hope we get some sleep!

I mean, every time one of us rolls over, won’t the other ones bounce up into the air?

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