Miscellaneous Wednesday

Tonight is the Wilde Awards ceremony in Detroit. These will be fun, they’re always entertaining and it’s always fun to see all the folks!
The Williamston Theatre is nominated for 10 awards this year, which is a record for us, including Best Drama, Best Comedy and Best New Play.
Winning or not will be fine, it’s nice to be nominated – we’re proud of the work over the last year, and pleased that other folks are enjoying it too!

The Detroit Tigers stretched their lead to 4.5 games over the White Sox last night! Go Team!! Man, it’s fun having a team in the pennant race! (And leading it!)

I recently did a little bit of a layout switch/update to my website www.tonycaselli.com – any input or feedback would be completely welcome!
(In fact, my daughter just did a HILARIOUS fake rant at me this morning, when she looked at my website – there’s one picture of me where I’m smiling/laughing, and she started spouting in a British accent “Oh NOOOOO! How will anyone take you seriously Little Man?!”

I love that “Little Man” is something my daughter calls me when she’s fake ranting – makes me laugh every time. “When’s DINNER Little Maaaaaan?!?!” Hee!

So my brother-in-law is trying to get me hooked on the show “Warehouse 13” – I just watched the first couple episodes, and it’s a fun, light little scifi show. Anybody else watching it?

Yikes. Going over the bills, I’m starting to regret turning down all the work I did for this coming season! I mean, it was a good choice – I can focus on Williamston more and have a LOT more family time, but those shows would’ve been nice for our bankbook!

Still, as we slide towards the new theatre season and the new school year both beginning, there’s a lot to be excited about!

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