Miscellaneous “An Infinite Ache” thoughts.

Just posted some thoughts on the theatre’s “Rehearsal Blog”:

We’ve had First Preview for An Infinite Ache!

I was really happy to see the audience enjoy the show – I find this script charming, funny and moving, and it was great to see that others did too.

It’s a challenge, though, I’ll admit that. The structure of the piece is unique: Without giving away too many spoilers, I’ll say this – After a short scene that establishes that a couple on their first date have come back to his tiny studio apartment, time stops working normally. Suddenly we’re catapulting forward through time, seeing what their relationship could be (or WILL be? Or IS in an alternate universe? You decide.) With leaps in time happening constantly, the play takes us and our couple from their mid-20’s through their Golden Years, with some leaps happening after only a few lines of dialogue!

It’s an exciting structure, one that’s fun to stage and fun to watch, and the challenge (like it is in so many things) is BALANCE. Balancing how blatantly we hit the audience over the head with a hammer and show “THIS IS A TIME JUMP”, versus how simply we play the moment and just trust that the moment is clear and the audience is following the story.

Ultimately our job is to tell the story in a moving, clear, engaging method. Some plays make that simple. Some make it a challenge.

We’re having fun tackling the challenge with this one.

I hope you’ll come out and see it, and let me know what you think!

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