Monday Miscellaneous

The weekend of previews for An Infinite Ache went well! Some more tweaking this week in rehearsals and a final preview, then the official Opening Night on Friday!

Saw this on the internet, it was listed as “The Coolest Picture You’ll See All Day”… and I agree!

Wil Wheaton posted this in his blog, click here to read more about it!

Tomorrow the Tigers play the Twins in a one-game playoff to determine the American League Central Champs. Totally disappointed that the Tigers let it come down to this, they should have played better baseball this week. Of course, it wasn’t all their fault, despite all of the ridiculous claims of “Choke! The Tigers choked!” – the Twins also did something they haven’t done all season – they went 16-4 in a span of 20 games in order to catch the Tigers. That’s pretty impressive, and you have to give them credit. Now I’m hoping they forget how to play baseball for a couple of days, and the Tigers remember!

Saw Zombieland – lots of fun, Woody Harrelson is great, and so is the young guy in it (despite the fact that I can’t remember his name right now!) A hilarious cameo in it was also pretty darned fun… but I won’t give it away!

Sunday was a great day – we took the whole family for a walk at Hudson Mills MetroPark, which is only about 15 minutes from our house. It’s just beautiful, and we had a great long morning walk with the dogs. (Oh, I guess I should say “We took the whole family, except the gerbil, for a walk”) While we were there happened to be a fundraiser/rally/walk-a-thon to support research for Juvenile Diabetes, and so the place was packed with people walking with kids and other dogs. A great way to start the day!

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