Our First “An Infinite Ache” Review – 4 out of 4!

Williamston Brings Another Hit to Its Intimate Stage
by Jim Fordyce, www.mientertainment.biz

Oct 10, 2009 at 04:12 PM

It is hard to believe it has been four years since the Williamston Theater opened in a converted store front in the small town just east of Lansing. Since then, the professional theater has given us some very good plays and the season opener is no exception. “An Infinite Ache” is a delightful play about a couple we meet on their first date. While it is painfully obvious it is not going very well, we are immediately whisked away on a journey that shows us “what if?”

Aral Gribble and Jasmine Rivera take us on a whirlwind ride through this couple’s life. From laughter to life’s tragedies, you will remain on the edge of your seat as you get to know Charles and Hope. Gribble and Rivera are marvelous. They take us from scenario to scenario in the blink of an eye and go from angry to happy and young to old just as quickly.

The script, by David Schulner is crisp and clear and the simple set changes before your eyes as props and lights set the mood. Hats off to the Set Designer and the Lighting and Sound people in this one, and here is another feather to put into the cap of director Tony Caselli.

This play (which has adult themes) gets the perfect 4 out of Fordyce..It runs through November 8, so there is no excuses to miss this one.
You will have plenty of performances to choose from and this play is the perfect excuse to enjoy the newly remodeled WT. There are now more seats both in the new bathrooms and on the west side of the stage.

PS. Tuesday Night October 13 is going to be a fun night at The Red Cedar Grill in Williamston. There will be a Fund Raiser for the Williamston Theater. There will be musical guests, acts a plenty and my pal Deb Hart from WMMQ will be the Emcee. 20% of your tab will go to the Theater. (so eat a lot)

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