Haunted House!

Last night a spectre with a pumpkin for a head outshot me with a crossbow.
While drinking from a glass of blood with an eyeball floating in it.

It’s a spooky time of year!

The kids created a haunted house for us in the basement last night, and it was wonderful!

We knew what they were up to, because they asked if they could unpack the Halloween decorations and use them, then disappeared into the basement. They spent almost 2 hours decorating and setting up, and then a very scary, short version of the killer from “Scream” showed up at the doorway to the family room.

Come With Me, Mortals!, proclaimed the creepy little cloaked figure.

So we did. (I mean, who argues with creepy little cloaked figures?)

Slowly we made our way down the stairs (or The Hall Of Skulls, as we were informed by our guide as he pointed out the many skulls newly adorning the walls). Fighting our way through the giant cobwebs that had appeared at the bottom of our staircase, we wound our way through the dark streamers blocking our way, and aimed for the spooky orange and purple glow around the corner.

Reaching our destination, Jeanne and I were greeted by a much taller cloaked figure, this one with a big pumpkin for a head.

The pumpkinhead showed us the highlights of the Haunted House, which included a fun game of “Toss The M&M Into The Cup” (complete with prizes!), a game of “Link’s Crossbow Challenge” on the Wii, and refreshments. The refreshments were the highlight, with edible eyeballs (marshmallows with chocolate chips for pupils), glasses of “blood” with floating plastic eyeballs in them, and a beer for me… specifically, a “Blood Light”. 🙂

After the refreshments we sat on the floor and played the Wii, having a fun time with “Crossbow Target Practice”! At first I did well, but the pumpkinhead and the creepy little cloaked figure wound up outscoring me in the end…

Normally I think I’d be able to win against a couple of ghouls like that, but, well, what can I say…

I was pretty distracted by the eyeballs floating in the blood.

(Click the Pic to see the big version)

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