Season 4 Begins: A couple of reviews

So far we’ve gotten a couple of reviews for An Infinite Ache, they can be found HERE and HERE.

Overall, they’ve been very positive – phrases like “Gribble and Rivera are marvelous”, “No excuses to miss this one!”, and “Heart-wrenching punch”.

Hopefully they’ll help sell some tickets, that’s a challenge all over with the economy the way it is!

(Incidentally, the EncoreMichigan review, while being very positive about the production, did say some things about one of the actors that I completely disagree with – I’m thrilled with the performances in this show, and have watched the audiences both laugh and weep from the strength of those performances – so, like most reviews, you have to just accept that they’re one person’s opinion, respect the fact that everyone’s entitled to their opinion, and move on to the next project! )

This show strikes an interesting chord with audiences, as well – we’re getting a lot of feedback early in the run of this production, with things like “Hauntingly wonderful” and “Flawlessly beautiful” being said or emailed or posted! I like that the audiences are going with the show, following the journey and being able to really relate to it, and the fact that they’re taking the time to tell us how it’s moving them is a nice sign that A) it IS moving them, and B) we’re continuing to grow the connection between the company and our audience. This last one is really, really important to us – I love that our paying regulars now feel comfortable enough to really let us know what they’re feeling!

So there it is – the 4th season is underway!

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