How to NOT make a good impression…

So this morning I got up, had a nice busy morning, came to work, stopped at the bank in town to deposit a check, saw several local folks I know there. Shook hands, chatted, laughed with folks, answered a couple of question about how things are going at the Williamston Theatre, generally schmoozed and encouraged folks to come see the next show.

Walked over to the coffee place, got coffee, saw another couple of folks I know and had similar conversations.

Got into the office, and realized that only the top couple of buttons on my shirt were buttoned.

So, that leaves the bottom 4 buttons undone, shirt flapping in the breeze, presenting a good, professional, put-together image for all to see: my belly hanging out!

“HI! I’m Tony – I run the theatre in town! This is my belly! I’m on a diet, it’s getting a lot smaller, so I thought I’d just NOT COVER IT. Hey, there’s my belly button! See it? Yeah, it’s a innie. I’d stay to chat but I’ve got to go press my belly up against all the windows on Grand River!”


My kids will love this story.

2 thoughts on “How to NOT make a good impression…

  1. Wow bummer. Sorry that what was a good morning turned on you. I’m sure no one noticed. And if they did, maybe you can use that to become the exccentric who is running the theatre. You know once or twice a week dress that way, or talk to yourself while walking down the sidewalk, things like that.
    On the other side, thank you for sharing, it certainly lightend my morning.

    • Hey Spence!
      That’s a great idea! I’ll turn it into a recurring theme!
      I can see the Williamston folks already:
      “Uh-oh, there goes the Artistic Director of that theatre again… he doesn’t have shoes this time… his poor wife must be so sad.”

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