The sofa-bed

I’m sleeping on the couch tonight.

Well, not the couch, really, but the sofa-bed.

It’s been a long week. Tech week for a show, Jeanne and the kids have been busy with their projects, and we haven’t had much QFT*. I got home from rehearsal tonight and chatted with my beautiful wife (who was getting ready for bed.) After she went to sleep, I sat down to watch TV and have a snack. A few minutes later, my son appeared in the family room doorway!

“Dad? I woke up and heard the tv. I thought it might be you!”

I turned the tv off as he sleepily jumped onto the couch to snuggle up and put his head in the crook of my arm.

“Did I wake you up, buddy? You should be sleeping!”

“I know, but I didn’t see you much the last few days and when I heard the tv I thought maybe… Can I just sleep here with you? I mean, maybe we can both sleep out here?”

You bet your ass we can.

So now the sofa-bed is pulled out, my little boy is sleeping curled up next to me with one arm thrown over my chest, and I’m wishing there was enough light in here to take a picture so I could preserve this moment. There’s not, so I thought I’d write it down instead.

Of course, typing this on my iPhone is tough, because there’s a 9-year old laying on my right arm.

I don’t mind, though…

Tonight I’m sleeping on the couch.

*Quality Family Time

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