The balancing act begins anew

Spent the day laying out calendars for the next couple of months… and my dad is in the hospital in Florida right now.  He’s fine, and will be out in a day or two, but we had a little scare. 

A wonderful holiday season, filled with lots of family time and a little work time, has given way once again to the mountain of to-do lists and emails and daily fires.  Best job in the world, but it pulls at your time, and when your kids say "Oh, you’re starting another show soon?  Do you have to?" you stop for a minute and wonder the same thing.  The answer is yes, but you sit down with the calendar and block out each day…

And so the struggle for balance begins again – Dad time, Artistic Director time, husband time, son time, friend time, time time time…

My son starts basketball this week.  I’m really excited that I’ll be able to take him to his first practice.  He’s excited to play, and I’m just hoping he has fun and learns about being on a team.  My daughter may play, too – she’s still undecided.  I hope she does, but won’t push her.

Side note – my favorite memory from playing youth basketball at age 9 or 10 is my mother saying to me, one evening in the gymnasium as we were all leaving after a game, "Anthony.  You’re playing well.  But – you are not allowed to stop and yell "DANG IT!!" every time you miss a basket."  🙂  Just thinking about that makes me giggle!  I remember asking "Did I do that?!" and my father just laughing!  Aaaah, good times.  We had a basketball net on our garage, and it was always fun to play HORSE with my brother and our friends.  Sometimes dad would join in, and that was always a treat. 

I think I’ll have to buy another basketball tomorrow.  We have one, but if they’re both going to be practicing their bounce-passes and dribbling in the basement, we may as well have two.  And maybe we’ll make some dixie-cup paths, so we can run some footwork drills.

Yeah… that definitely sounds like a good way to spend some time.

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