Thursday’s fun stuff

Good evening internet world.

Like board games? Card games? Video games? Oh, forget what you like and just say yes, and Click Here! These are some of the coolest things you’ll see all week… and yummiest!

The Doctor Who finale from this weekend, where David Tennant departed the show, was really wonderful. I’ll miss him on the show, and hope the new Doctor does well.

Related to that, these have been linked to by a lot of folks, and they are hilarious: They’re the Doctor’s Facebook Page and The Master’s Facebook Page. (WARNING: SPOILERS FROM THE FINALE!)

It’s pretty widely known that I’m a comic book geek from way back, and that I quit cold-turkey a while ago because of money and time (and because that was a habit that was getting out of control… Just one more book, man, just one more book!!!). Thanks to an awesome Christmas gift from a good friend, though, I’ve been able to read and fall in love (again) with the DC Comics Universe via the fantastic Blackest Night saga currently happening. It’s really, really wonderful and if you’re a comics fan then you should check it out! Geoff Johns & company are doing some amazing work on this series, and the fans and critics are raving!

Next-to-lastly, if you’re a fan of gaming, or fun web shows, or both, or neither, you should check out The Guild. Start with Season 1, they’re short and funny!

Lastly: Best Christmas Song Ever:

And now, time for some reading before bed!

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