Good things

Some things from the week that made this Dad/Director/Artistic Director happy:

SNOW DAY!  Yesterday was a snow day for Chelsea Schools, AND for the Williamston Theatre (because we needed one!), and it was great.  Spent the day with my family, had an impromptu snowball fight with my son, we all went to see "Percy Jackson" at the movies. 

It Came From Mars previews have gone really well at the Performance Network Theatre.  We’ve learned a TON, which is what I love about previews.  Today at rehearsal we’ll implement some rewrites, polish and tighten some things, and generally have fun lifting some moments from "good" status to "great"!  🙂 

Clearing my driveway with the snow-thrower was very therapeutic yesterday.  There’s something incredibly gratifying about a nicely cleared driveway after a giant snowfall. 

The Smell Of The Kill continues to please audiences and critics at the Williamston Theatre.  We got another great review from The Rogue Critic and this show is going wonderfully.  With only two weeks left, we’re looking forward to packing the house for the remainder of the run!  (Oh, interested in some behind the scenes scoop from the director of the show?  Check out her entry on the Williamston Theatre rehearsal blog!)

Spring Training has started.  The Tigers signed Johnny Damon, who will be a much needed left-handed bat in their lineup this season.  The first Spring Training game is on March 2nd, only a week away.  I can’t wait for baseball to come back!

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