Things that make me happy, part 2

At the Williamston Theatre, our fantastic apprentice Erin has undertaken a re-organization of some of our storage areas, and the project is going wonderfully.  It’s great to see someone tackle something that could be really mundane work, but attack it with a "Let’s make it better" attitude and really make a difference.  Team players = absolute goodness. 

Tonight at the Performance Network Theatre we had a great rehearsal and run of It Came From Mars.  Some fantastic work has been done over the last 7 days by everyone involved, and I’m proud to be a part of that team.

I have to send out a big fat special "YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME" to 21st Century Insurance:  Tonight the roads were horrible – we had a big ol’ snowstorm and lots of folks found driving to be difficult.  I had no trouble driving, I just had trouble avoiding the deer AND the snowbank, so to avoid the big furry living one I wound up sliding into the big fluffy white one… *sigh*  Tapping on my brakes sent me right into a slow, gentle skid on the icy, snowy road and as I honked my horn the deer ran away, but I did wind up sliding into a snowdrift, and my car wasn’t getting out of it without help.  I called my insurance, since we have roadside assistance, and they said "Someone will be there in 15 minutes."  

Well, I doubted that would happen – I mean, it was 11pm on a snowy Wednesday night.  And yet, at the 15 minute mark a tow truck pulled up – a very nice gentleman got out, asked if I was alright, and if I needed any help other than just being pulled out of the drift.  I didn’t, so he quickly and effiiciently got my car out of the drift and back onto the road.  After a quick check to make sure it was drivable, he wished me the best, and watched me drive away just to make sure the car was running properly.  

Total time from deer running in front of me to me back on road: 22 minutes.  Unbelievable.  

AND – in the time between landing in the snowdrift and the tow truck getting there, 4 different people stopped to see if I needed help, including one woman waving her cellphone just in case I didn’t have one, two nice guys my age who both offered me rides somewhere if I needed it, and one strapping young man who l think was a Chelsea high-schooler, who was convinced that he could push the car out of the drift if I just put it in reverse and gunned it.  (That didn’t work, but it was nice of him to try.)

So – it was also nice to have my faith in people restored.  Thanks, universe.

4 thoughts on “Things that make me happy, part 2

  1. You are like a deer magent. We need to have a scientist look at you and see why you attract them. Glad you weren’t hurt and no damage done.

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