Sunday morning

I like that my iPhone lets me post to LiveJournal without getting out of bed. 🙂 (“Back when I was a kid, we had to WALK to our giant desktop computers to post things on the world wide web! Uphill both ways!”)

The house is quiet. After a busy Friday and Saturday, everyone is sleeping in this morning. Soon… breakfast. Question is, do I get up and make everyone bacon and eggs, or wake them up and go out to Big Boy or the Coney Island for breakfast? Hmm… Maybe I’ll post that question to the kids.

A good weekend so far. “Mars” Opening Night was great, very well received by audiences and critics so far. Then yesterday I cleared the driveway again (the snow just keeps coming!), and took Maggie to see “Disney’s Beauty and the Beast” which is touring the country, and came to The Whiting Theatre in Flint. The show stars two former Otterbein students that I worked with last year -Liz Shivener and Steve Czarnecki- they were both fabulous! Maggie was thrilled to meet them after, and a little starstruck! (“They were really good! And she’s so pretty! Thanks Dad!”). We had a great time.

Now, I hear the sounds of kids waking up – I think Sunday is underway. Just in time, I’m starved!

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