New York thoughts

I had the pleasure of working with a group of fantastic students from Otterbein College again this year, and directing them in their Senior Showcase. We spent the better part of this week in New York, where they performed their show for agents, producers and directors. It went very well, and I’m really proud of all 17 of them – some fabulous work was done, and it’s exciting to be there at the launch of 17 exciting careers!

Some quick observations from New York:

Christopher Walken, Sam Rockwell, and the whole cast of “A Behanding In Spokane” are hilariously funny. If you get the chance, see the show, it’s really wonderful! Funny, foul, very non-politically correct and very worth seeing! Loved it.

The revival of “Hair” is equally wonderful, in a completely different way. Energetic, fun, the cast clearly loves what they do, and enjoys playing with the audience. In fact I can now say that thanks to my friend Chris, who is a dresser on the show and who made sure to find out where I was sitting, I know what it’s like to be lovingly manhandled and fondled by Ace from American idol, who stars in the show! I’m not gonna say we’re dating or anything but, yeah, he’ll probably call me.

Final New York thought for right now:
The receipt-printing machines in the taxis sound EXACTLY like the Smoke Monster from LOST. When walking on the street and hearing the sound from a nearby taxi, I immediately looked around expecting to see a giant column of smoke whipping down a side street, picking up hotdog carts and smacking people through buildings with them.

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3 thoughts on “New York thoughts

  1. u know I love u…
    Tony… u konw I love u and that I am still enjoying your energy and talent since last Senior showcase but…”A Behanding In Spokane”????? ok, C. Walken is hilarious but the Show Tony is kinda high school thing.
    This is not the show I would recomend to my european friends for discovering the broadway talent!
    …I am scared of you now my friend. Are you ok?
    Spanish humor as you know…
    See you very soon!

    • Hi Albert! I hope you’re well!
      I do understand your point about “Behanding”, but nevertheless I enjoyed it – the over-the-top quality of the situation was fun for me. It’s certainly not the best play I’ve ever seen (out of the 4 I saw while I was in town, it probably ranked as 3rd), but it made me laugh, and I absolutely loved Rockwell and Walken! I did think some of the script fell flat when it was trying a little too hard, and that there were several moments that the other two actors fell into that same trap, but I’m not going to dismiss the whole because of a few gaffs: It had it’s flaws, but sometimes all I want from a play is to leave my world and laugh at something ridiculous, and I got that from it. 🙂
      I hope your documentary is going well! What project is next for you?

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