More New York Thoughts……

Random thoughts…

“Yum Yum” on 46th and 9th has great Thai food! (Thanks Chris and Patrick!)

I love the Drama Book Shop.

I have to face the fact that my hypothesis was incorrect: it turns out that pizza slices from storefront pizzerias DO still have too many carbs for a lo-carb diet, despite my hope that eating-them-while-walking somehow made them into carb-free health food. Dammit.

The Theatre Development Fund at is a great way to get discount tickets and support theaters. For a yearly subscription, you are able to purchase most shows in the city for between $24 and $40 dollars. The savings on just one show make up for the yearly fee!

Miscellaneous bars that were fun: The Hourglass, The Irish Rogue (upstairs, especially) and The Mean Fiddler. When you’re in NY, go to them, you’ll like them! šŸ™‚

Alfred Molina is amazing. I saw him in the production of “Red”, which is the story of the painter Mark Rothko, and the show was absolutely fantastic. Both actors were fabulous, the script, the staging, the direction – just a beautiful piece of theatre.

In fact, I have to say that “Red” was easily my favorite of the 4 shows that I saw this trip, followed closely by “Next To Normal”. Not that I didn’t enjoy “Hair” or “A Behanding In Spokane”, but the entire experience of “Red” was the one that will stick with me for a long time. It was the piece that spoke to me the most, and the direction and storytelling were simply inspirational – the movement of the play, of the actors, of the storytelling – fantastic.

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