Peter Pan

So tonight I got to see my kids in PETER PAN at Young People’s Theater in Ann Arbor. They had the kind of house I dream of having at Williamston Theatre! ( of course, it was also held at one of U of M.s beautiful theaters, where they seat 4 times as many as Williamston Theatre!).

The show is great. A ton of fun was had by all. I got to watch my kids have a wonderful time being an “Indian Chorus Girl” and a “Lost Boy”, and lots of young people were excited about live theater, which is good for everyone! 🙂

I do, though, wonder if it’s legal to buy whatever Mr. Barrie was taking when he wrote Peter Pan. I mean, seriously – this is a whacked out story. Fun, and I totally want to fly and fight bad guys, but crocodiles and pirates and and “Indians” and a tribe of kids who’d been abandoned or run away from home, and they all live on the same magical island where no one grows older and oh, by the way, there are fairies? (Or, ONE fairy anyway, since Tinkerbell is the only one we actually ever see?). Oh, and in case that’s NOT weird, you can lose your shadow and have it sewn back on, and if you clap hard enough, people recover from poisoning. I mean, classic story and everything, but yikes! *laughing*

Now, enough of that silliness. I’m going to go watch Star Trek IV, where people and aliens join together to fly through space and go back in time rescuing humpbacked whales and defending against an alien probe that’s boiling the oceans. That’s WAY more believable.

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