Nice things on a nice Saturday

Hired a guitarist for the show, yay. Looking forward to this production!

Fundraiser for WT went well, that’s always good.

My daughter woke us up at 4:30 this morning throwing up – that’s never fun… The good news is that she felt good enough by the afternoon to do both performances of PETER PAN. (Have I mentioned my kids are in the show for Young People’s Theatre in Ann Arbor? It’s a ton of fun.) She’s feeling fine now.

The Detroit Tigers, who are going to have a tough year if they don’t improve soon, came back from 4-0 to win 8-4!

Aaand, we’re narrowing in on the final show selection for next season, which is good. Balancing seasons is one of the many fun and challenging parts of my job, and I love it! We’ve been looking for a silly comedy to balance out a season that’s got a great mix of styles and stories but was missing one broad comedy – I think we’re almost ready to announce the whole season, and I’m excited about it!

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