Wow – long time no update.

Wow. Two weeks since an update. I hate that! Not only because there are folks who actually bother to check this thing and read it (thanks for that!), but because I like to use it as an actual journal, and I hate missing two weeks worth of stuff!

Events from the last few days:
Previews of “Home” at WT
The Wharton Center Playwright Festival
A couple days of General Auditions
My son turned 10! Big sleepover/laser-tag party!

Much more to write about – LOST has been great, is ending Sunday! My daughter is getting braces Thursday, more auditions coming up, Opening Night is Friday, planning for the summer musical and all of next season is underway…

And my lack of consistent sleep is becoming a problem. So, since I’m getting sleepy writing this, I’m hitting the sack!

A quick quote to close out the night: (I read this earlier and it’s been a good reminder all day that there’s more than one way to look at things – obvious, but easy to forget!)

“I happen to feel that the degree of a person’s intelligence is directly reflected by the number of conflicting attitudes she can bring to bear on the same topic.”
-Lisa Alther

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