Random Friday thoughts

OPENING NIGHT for "Home: Voices From Families Of The Midwest" at the Williamston Theatre tonight! The whole company is doing great work!

If you haven’t been to Google today, click the link!  It’s the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man, and they’ve got a treat on their homepage!

Tomorrow gets to be a nice family day – looking forward to that!

We’re underway with production meetings for our next show, "Five Course Love", a very fun wacky musical comedy with some heart!

Random thought:  Some days it’s hard to pretend that people of horrible character are anything other than that.  We all have to go through our days sidestepping this issue regularly, I think, and choose to ignore the people we’d love to tell off.  I believe we do this because we all think "Oh, I’ll take the high road" or "That battle’s just not worth it."  But some days, it’s hard to ignore the urge to tell off or publicly call attention to someone behaving like a complete tool.  Some days you want to just point and say loudly to your kids "See.  That.  Don’t grow up to be that."  Hmmm…. this brings up the whole issue of "Politeness" versus "Honesty", social rules versus just doing the right thing.  Interesting.

"Politeness:  The most acceptable hypocrisy" – Ambrose Bierce, U.S. Author and Satirist

Happy Friday everyone!  Hope the weekend is wonderful!


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