“HOME” gets great reviews!

Home: Voices From Families Of The Midwest, currently running at the Williamston Theatre, got some great reviews the last couple of days!  This is the third in a three-season series dedicated to exploring and celebrating life in our part of the world.  We’re very grateful that audiences are loving this production, and it seems as though the critics are as well!  Congrats to the whole team!

Bridgette Redman, of Encore Michigan, said:
"Home triumphantly wraps up this three-season series that celebrates the lives of Midwesterners and what makes them not unique, but what makes them human."

Read the whole Encore Michigan review here!

Tom Helma, of the Lansing City Pulse, said:
"I lost count of the number of stories after the 10th, not because they were decreasingly interesting, but rather they became more compelling, more expansive in characterizing the breadth and depth of families."

Read the whole City Pulse Review here! 

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