Bullet Points From a Busy Weekend!

•First – Opening Night of Blue Door at the Williamston Theatre went wonderfully.  We got our first review, and it’s great:  "BLUE DOOR Opens To Reveal A Perfect Performance"

•And, the closing performance of The American Clock at MSU was also wonderful, as was the whole run – congrats to all those folks.  I’m really proud of the work the students and production team did.  My daughter and I went to see the final show today, so I got to spend a great afternoon hanging out with her, which was really fun.

•There are a couple of new Encore Live Podcasts up on EncoreMichigan: 
Season 2, ep. 4:   Bart, Don and Jen interview David Leddy, creator of Susurrus.  This really interesting, innovative piece is a bit of theatre, a bit of performance art, a bit audiobook, and a bit walk-in-the-garden.  It just closed after a nice run at the Botanical Gardens in Ann Arbor – Jeanne and I went last weekend, and enjoyed it.  I do think I enjoyed the experience and production of the event a bit more than I did the story itself, but that’s nitpicky, because I would jump at the chance to see another one of Leddy’s pieces if the opportunity arose!

Season 2, ep. 5:  I interviewed veteran actor Wayne David Parker (AKA: Daba), known to audiences all over Michigan for his stage and voice work.  This was a fun interview, since Daba and I are good friends who’ve known each other and worked together often for 18 years (Holy Wha – 18 years?!).  We chatted about how he approaches the craft, and some other fun stuff.  Go listen, let me know what you think!

•TV Talk: Okay, The Amazing Race is back, and I still love it.  Warehouse 13 is on hiatus, I’m hoping to hear that it’s picked up for a 3rd season.  Chuck is back and I still love it, and Stargate Universe is back, and I’m still iffy on it.  I’ve had a bunch of folks tell me I should watch Fringe, and I may – but not for a bit, because I’d have to rent the first 2 seasons on DVD, and there’s not a chance that will happen in my schedule for another few months.  I have watched the first two episodes of The Event, and am pretty bored by it so far. 

•So the MLB regular season is over.  The Tigers managed, after a pretty good first half, to implode over the second half and finish with an even 81-81 record.  They’ve got a ton of money coming off the books to spend in the off-season, let’s hope they do it wisely and give us a good team for next season! 

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