“BRILLIANT BLUE” – Another rave review for BLUE DOOR!

Williamston Theatre’s “Blue Door” is an intensely quiet and deeply moving play, one that stills and startles the audience into an unexpected opportunity for personal reflection and self examination…

The Lansing City Pulse has published Tom Helma’s wonderful review of Blue Door – click here to see what he has to say about the production.

Then CLICK HERE to visit the Williamston Theatre website and find out how to get tickets! Only 2 weeks left!

So far in WT Season 5:
2 reviews published, both wonderful.
2 weeks of performances, fabulous feedback from our patrons.
Go team!

12 thoughts on ““BRILLIANT BLUE” – Another rave review for BLUE DOOR!

      1. Okay! Yes, let’s! The latte that is….We are way overdue for chatting. And, yes, ewww to having dog!
        Got your text about the show tomorrow. I totally wish I could come tomorrow but I have rehearsal in Northville. I am gonna get out and see this show though. Prob next week.

          1. Eric and I are gonna make it a date and come next Saturday matinee. We’ll have to set up a coffee date soon- maybe late October/early November after my show at Tipping Point opens??
            Have a great weekend!

              1. I am directing a family show for them, “Wiley and the Hairy Man”. It opens at the end of the month and only runs four performances. It’s a special limited engagement! I think you knew that….you’re not THAT old, but you are older than me! :)Of course I forget things all the time so I guess that doesn’t mean much….

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