A fun pic… of a muddy little man…

I just got this picture of me running the Warrior Dash!

This was the next-to-last obstacle so, yeah, that’s me in mid-air, leaping over giant flames of doom lapping at my heels!! (Or something like that….) I had just finished swimming the Swamp Pit, hence the goo all over me.) (Yeah, you heard me, Swamp Pit)

So, the good news is that after the Swamp and Flames of Doom the final obstacle was the Mud Pit, and I wound up looking like THIS:

It was nice to have the mud to, y’know, wash away all of the swamp. Well, I suppose it didn’t really wash it away, it just sort of… covered it up…

I can’t wait to do that again next year! 🙂

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