Monday night brain dump, in bullet point form…

•Great quote that I read today, "Leadership is stewardship". 

•We had a wonderful readthru tonight of next season’s world premiere musical, "The Usual".  Some great stuff, some stuff to be worked on, and all of it in a great place with a great cast.  Very much looking forward to the project, because it’s going to be a lot of fun, and a lot of challenge: A love story that includes songs about obsolete computers, sex toys and Florida.  Oh yes.

•It was a day of lining up schedules and calendars.  Tomorrow it will be more of the same.  I realized today that my goal of making next season a little less busy than this one has failed horribly, but I’m really excited about it. 

•The Tigers made a big trade today – surprising, at this point in the season, but a very welcome trade, to pick up Delmon Young.  This has the potential to really help them lock down the Central Division Title.  (Please, let that sentence not be the jinx that ruins it.)

•Got home tonight, and my son was awake.  Poor kid, I’m hoping he doesn’t inherit my occasional insomnia spells.  Still, it was nice to hang out and snuggle and chat about the day, the upcoming week, his thoughts on going back to school in a few weeks (to a brand new school, too, for 6th grade!).  He’s 11 and 1/2, and I have a feeling that, over the next year or so, his "Dad? Come snuggle me and let’s talk while I go to sleep?" requests are going to be less and less.  Just thinking about that makes my heart heavy.  I hope I get longer than a year!

"The one principle that surrounds everything else is that of stewardship; that we are the managers of everything that God has given us."
-Larry Burkett

From Wikipedia: Stewardship is an ethic that embodies responsible planning and management of resources.  The concept of stewardship has been applied in diverse realms, including with respect to environment, economics, health, property, information, and religion, and is linked to the concept of sustainability.

Historically, stewardship was the responsibility given to household servants to bring food and drinks to a castle dining hall. The term was then expanded to indicate a household employee’s responsibility for managing household or domestic affairs. Stewardship later became the responsibility for taking care of passengers’ domestic needs on a ship, train and airplane, or managing the service provided to diners in a restaurant. The term continues to be used in these specific ways, but it is also used in a more general way to refer to a responsibility to take care of something belonging to someone else. To be a steward, and or act in steward to something, is known as stewardship.

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