Pic Post Wednesday!

A plethora of pics!

This makes me want to spend the night in a bookstore…

As much as I love the convenience of being able to carry around a bunch of books all at the same time on my iPad, it’s not as satisfying as carrying a real book.

The set design for Dead Man’s Shoes, which starts previews on January 26 at Williamston Theatre.

Going back to the “book” theme for a moment – This website – BookShelfPorn.com is dedicated to bookshelves, and it’s really wonderful. Tons of photos like this one:

Now I want to combine all the little bookshelves we have in our house into one big one somewhere!

A cool app that I got for the iPad, Skitch, allows you to draw on photos – this can be very productive for emailing with set designers, costume designers, property designers, etc… it’s very handy. It also, of course, can be used for having fun with pics of your wife and dog… 🙂

The Williamston Theatre box office, in a darkened lobby, during one of the final performances of This Wonderful Life.

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