I just became a fan of Jeff Francouer

I love stories that remind us that the “stars” of the world are just people.
I also love stories that show those “stars” being quality people.
I also love baseball.

So here’s a story that I really love, since it’s about all those things!

In a sense, a September game that decides nothing is what baseball is all about.

It’s about watching a game with your friends, enjoying a slow-paced timeout from the pressures of the everyday life. It’s about hearing the crack of the bat, watching them run, slide and dive, knowing both your players and the opponent’s ones. It’s about jumping up and cheering during a rally, sharing a hope for a win, even if it’s only a 60th or 65th, with not too many more to come.

It is also about a certain sense of intimacy: being close to the other fans, but also to the players, like in no other major sport. Where else can you have a nice chat with a relief pitcher during a game or heckle an outfielder for hours?

Here’s the whole story!

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