Happy Opening Day, Everybody!

It’s Opening Day!!  Today starts the 2019 Major League Baseball Season!

Opening Day.jpg

As my friend Aaron texted me this morning, “HAPPY NEW YEAR!”

This is one of my favorite holidays of the year.  The first pitch of the season is scheduled for 1:05pm, and there are a couple of games starting then: The Mets -vs- The Nationals, and Baltimore -vs- The Yankees.  Our home town team (and my favorite) The Tigers have first pitch scheduled for 3:37 today, playing in Toronto.  They’ll play 4 games there, then go to New York to play the Yankees for 3 games, and then the Tigers have their Home Opener on April 4th, at 1:10pm.


Here’s a link to a fun OPENING DAY GUIDE from MLB.

And, because this is great, here’s a very fun announcement from the Tigers about their Opening Day Lineup.  Turn up your volume for this, it’s a terrific homage to all the video baseball games we played back in the day!

Happy Opening Day, y’all!  The Tigers are in a rebuilding mode this season, so most folks think it’s a long shot for them to contend for a spot in the playoffs, but there’s always a chance!  AND – it should be a fun team to watch, no matter what!



*note – none of these images are mine, they’re all borrowed from the internet!
**Go watch some baseball today.  Or turn on the radio and listen to Dan Dickerson announce the Tigers game!

Thursday Pic Post of Good Things

So, good news: this is a picture of my lungs, which are “looking good!”, according to the doctor. So, in The Continuing Adventures of Wheezy McCoughCough, the Bronchiospasm Kid we’ve have had a good week, eliminating some possibilities. Now, if we could eliminate more and solve the whole recurring wheezing/coughing thing, that’d be great. Slowly but surely!


Other awesome things: this was my view during the ct scan. 🙂


This is the lit up mural thing on the ceiling for people to look at during their ct scan.


I got lucky, and got a ticket to the Tigers versus the A’s playoff game on Tuesday!



Um…sometimes you’re the guy who forgets when his plates expire…


We open The Woman In Black tomorrow night, and it’s a beautiful, spooky show! Here’s a photo from my phone that’s not nearly as good looking as the actual show!


This is the newest video from Williamston Theatre, check it out!

The Last Rose Of Summer? Maybe… Or maybe it’s just a really tall rose that held on in our front yard longer than the rest of them did!


And lastly… How I hope to spend Saturday morning with my family:


Happy Thursday everybody!

Random Good Things on a Saturday Morning

I’d better get some gas for the leaf blower!20121027-104447.jpg

My daughter and I decided that our dogs should enjoy Halloween too!

The Tigers are in the World Series! They’re down 0-2, but they’re back in Detroit tonight and I think they’re gonna take the next 4 games! 🙂

Any FRINGE fans out there? I love the show. Only 9 episodes left, and I had to buy a shirt from the show… So I bought a concert shirt from the fictional band that Walter listens to!


Ebenezer, the world premiere by Joseph Zettelmaier, is the next show at Williamston Theatre. It’s a beautiful piece. First rehearsal was this week, here’s the cast at the read thru:


Okay, I started this post this morning – then a bunch of Quality Family Time happened, and now I’m finishing it. Several hours of leaf work has resulted in this:


Yay Autumn! 🙂

Now, time to prep for the Tigers game: I have to make sure my couch is properly stocked with snacks and remote controls!

The quick entry about Monopoly

Some Sundays are made for playing the collector’s edition “Detroit Tigers” version of Monopoly with your cousins.

What’s neat is that as they were playing it, the adults were watching the Tigers score 5 runs in the bottom of the 10th inning for one of the most amazing comeback victories we’ve ever seen!


Wednesday Pic Post:

A ballpark is a magical place, don’t you think? It stops time. It’s a place where a father and son can sit together on a lazy afternoon enjoying the game and decades later, in those same seats, that son can sit with his son, and it’s as if nothing’s changed. Time moves differently inside a ballpark.
-Ernie Harwell, from Ernie by Mitch Albom

…we had a press conference for Ernie, and our Stage Manager Megan took this shot from the booth! Press Conferences are odd things, and I don’t do them often, so it was fun.

Speaking of baseball…
Last night we played some catch in the yard! Awesome.

Speaking of awesome things, The Town Pump has awesome fried pickles, and lunch today was pretty darned great.

We start rehearsal for this show next week, and I’m looking forward to it. It’s been a long time since I’ve been onstage, and I’m anxious to work out those muscles again!

So, challenges, opportunities, quality family time… a week full of reminders that all of those are important. Thanks, Universe.

Pic Post Sunday: Celebrating Life!

Random pics from a Dad, director, baseball fan, celebrating some good things on this beautiful Sunday!

Today, we had a great Easter! The kids had a great time hunting baskets and eggs this morning, the Easter Bunny did a nice job hiding things this year!

Speaking of Easter – Maggie and I spent Easter afternoon at the ballpark! 🙂

And… speaking of baseball…

I’m happy to be in rehearsals for the remount of Ernie at the City Theatre in Detroit.

This weekend, we had a great time visiting our friends Crystal and Steve, and I had to take a picture of these desserts that we made. Crystal did all the prep, making the mousse and homemade whipped cream and slicing the fruit, but Steve and I were given the task of putting them together – and this is what they looked like! Chocolate coffee mousse, lots of fresh fruit, shaved chocolate… oh man, now I want another one. Or 7.

Lastly… I worked with a great stage manager, Sam, this weekend on a project in NYC, and she came in with this shirt that made us all laugh, and I had to share it. (Warning – yes, this is a little risque. Skip it if that’s not your thing, but this type of humor is exactly my thing… and I suppose if you’re a regular reader of this journal, you already know that!)

Have a great week, folks, and whatever you’re doing this week, have fun doing it.

I just became a fan of Jeff Francouer

I love stories that remind us that the “stars” of the world are just people.
I also love stories that show those “stars” being quality people.
I also love baseball.

So here’s a story that I really love, since it’s about all those things!

In a sense, a September game that decides nothing is what baseball is all about.

It’s about watching a game with your friends, enjoying a slow-paced timeout from the pressures of the everyday life. It’s about hearing the crack of the bat, watching them run, slide and dive, knowing both your players and the opponent’s ones. It’s about jumping up and cheering during a rally, sharing a hope for a win, even if it’s only a 60th or 65th, with not too many more to come.

It is also about a certain sense of intimacy: being close to the other fans, but also to the players, like in no other major sport. Where else can you have a nice chat with a relief pitcher during a game or heckle an outfielder for hours?

Here’s the whole story!