Pic Post Wednesday


Last week I posted the preliminary sketch of the set for THE USUAL, which we’ll start rehearsals for next week.  Here’s the White Model of the set.  This process is another step in refining what we want the thing to be.  Later come the final versions, groundplans, paint elevations, etc…

I posted this on Facebook, after seeing it shared by several folks, but I’m still laughing at it, so here it is! 


Maggie said “Dad, in health class we learned that, for men, two glasses of wine every couple of nights can be healthy for your heart!”

Now I just have to find the two biggest glasses in the house…

So, Sci-fi fans, THIS is coming:

Doing research for The Usual, I came across these, which I love.  Don’t know who made them, but for anyone who played early video games, they’re fun!  Anyone up for a little Legend of Zelda in the real world? 

Or (for you early arcade fans), Duck Hunt?!

And another Wednesday comes to a close!

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