The current show at Williamston Theatre is a lovely, moving piece by Kristine Thatcher and directed by Casaundra Freeman. Reviews have been universally wonderful, and this is one of those shows that SO many people can directly relate to, people are loving it. Charming, funny, heartbreaking and uplifting, it’s a beautiful piece about family, change, and the power of being there for each other. A terrific start to our 14th Season!

Read one of the reviews HERE!

Karen Sheridan and Dani Cochrane

Tobin Hissong, Karen Sheridan and Dani Cochrane

Dani Cochrane and Karen Sheridan

Opening Night production team photo.

Back row: Chris Purchis, scenic designer Gabriella Csapo, assistant stage manager Matt Kowalczyk, set dressing/properties designer Michelle Raymond, apprentice Becca Bedell, stage manager Stef Din, tech director Aaron Delnay, sound designer Sonja Marquis, costume designer Holly Iler, apprentice Ariel Sheets, John Lepard, Emily Sutton-Smith, Tony Caselli. Not pictured: lighting designer Shannon Schweitzer.
Front row: Tobin Hissong, director Casaundra Freeman, playwright Kristine Thatcher, Karen Sheridan, Dani Cochrane.

Italy. Day Two. Vernazza, Cinque Terre

The Cinque Terre region of Italy is incredibly beautiful. The five towns are all close, located all along the coast of the Ligurian Sea. You can take a train or a boat to get back and forth between them, or you can hike along through the mountainside, along the cliffs and retaining walls, on very rustic, very old paths. After exploring Vernazza in the morning, we were excited to hike to Monterrosso. A beautiful trip, not for the chubby and out of shape – but I did it anyway!! Tommaso, my exchange-student-son from a couple years ago, was a great companion who was patient and helpful when I so often threw myself to the ground panting “HOW CAN WE KEEP GOING UP?! DOES THIS MOUNTAIN NOT HAVE A TOP?! When do we go DOWN?!”, trying to catch my breath and drink my water. 🙂 It took about two hours, I lost track of time because I kept passing out and Tommaso would have to revive me. Actually, even though it was challenging, we had a blast, walking from Vernazza north to Monterrosso, and collapsed into a bar the minute we got there for a well earned beer. We then spent the day exploring that beautiful city, and I put my feet in the Ligurian Sea, just because. Then, in the evening, we took the train back to Vernazza and enjoyed a relaxing dinner, and got to see how beautiful that place is at night!

Friday, we’re taking the train to Riomaggiore, the southernmost of the “5 Lands”, to explore that city, as well as Manarola and Corniglia as we take our time and make our way north back to Vernazza by evening! I’ll post about that Friday night or Saturday.

Pic Post Wednesday

Pictures!  JFF! (Just For Fun. Wait, is JFF a thing? Probably not… That’s okay, it is today. Today, everyone, is Make Up Your Own Acronym Day! MUYOAD!  Go on, try it! JFF.)

Back to posting random pictures from life! 

Here’s our in-progress set for ROUNDING THIRD (design by Amber Marisa Cook).  We’re in rehearsals now. Note the newly smooth back wall – we finally got rid of the old “chimney” bump out in our upstage wall!  Hooray for renovations that make the theatre better!

Maggie and I took the dogs for a walk in the wooded trails near our house. How lucky are we, to have such beautiful places so near our house?  One more thing to be grateful for. That, and the chance to just hang out with my daughter in the woods for an hour, enjoying nature!

Speaking of enjoying things, the “Almost English” breakfast at the Plaid Melon is an awesome meal. 

This is Dale. Dale is a member of the Susan B. Anthony Society for the Sisters of Gertrude Stein.  Apparently I’m a member too, as I and all the members of the audience were given name tags when we bought our tickets to see the play 5 Lesbians Eating A Quiche, in which Dale and 4 of her friends are the main attraction. This show is hilarious and wonderful, and you have only this weekend left to catch it at The Ringwald Theatre in Ferndale, MI. GO! (Thanks to Meredith “Dale” Deighton for letting me take her picture as she was greeting guests and taking our pictures as part of some pre-show fun.)

Sometimes a good play is accompanied by a good martini. Dirty, with extra olives. 

 Also, I almost forgot to post about The Wilde Awards! John Lepard and I won for our work onstage as brothers in The Best Brothers! It’s a treat to have someone recognize your work, and I’m honored to be a part of that show. John carried the show, I had a blast bouncing around the set  as his little brother Kyle, harassing him. 🙂  Williamston Theatre took home another award, also, when Emily Sutton-Smith won for Best Actress In A Comedy! Yay Emily! Win or lose, the awards night is always a great time: Getting to see so many folks, all of whom are deeply invested in so many theatre projects all over the state – that’s an incredibly inspiring thing, and I’m always grateful for the passion and energy that fills the event. 
Have A Great Week, Everyone!  (HAGWE!)

Friday Pic Post!

It’s Opening Night at Williamston Theatre!   
I stopped at a local coffee shop on my way to work to get an iced-coffee to go. It came in this mason jar. Does this mean I’m a Hipster?  It was tasty either way.  

This guy was hanging out on our porch the other morning.  He was about 4 inches across – so neat!

This is great! I wish I could remember who posted it or who made it so I could give credit! 

Our Stage Manager and crew for Opening Night of Outside Mullingar. Melissa, Nan, Sarah!

Aaaaand a little bit of fun.  

 Now I’m gonna be singing that all night long. 


Remember – celebrate everything!

Thursday Pic Post of Good Things

So, good news: this is a picture of my lungs, which are “looking good!”, according to the doctor. So, in The Continuing Adventures of Wheezy McCoughCough, the Bronchiospasm Kid we’ve have had a good week, eliminating some possibilities. Now, if we could eliminate more and solve the whole recurring wheezing/coughing thing, that’d be great. Slowly but surely!


Other awesome things: this was my view during the ct scan. 🙂


This is the lit up mural thing on the ceiling for people to look at during their ct scan.


I got lucky, and got a ticket to the Tigers versus the A’s playoff game on Tuesday!



Um…sometimes you’re the guy who forgets when his plates expire…


We open The Woman In Black tomorrow night, and it’s a beautiful, spooky show! Here’s a photo from my phone that’s not nearly as good looking as the actual show!


This is the newest video from Williamston Theatre, check it out!

The Last Rose Of Summer? Maybe… Or maybe it’s just a really tall rose that held on in our front yard longer than the rest of them did!


And lastly… How I hope to spend Saturday morning with my family:


Happy Thursday everybody!

Friday Fun Things

We are in Tech Week for The Woman In Black at Williamston Theatre, man it’s going to be a terrific show.  Set, costumes, everything is just coming along beautifully.  The actors are fabulous, and it’s a nice spooky piece!

Other fun things: I love this picture of Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan… and Elmo.ianpatrickelmo

Sometimes…when you get a package in the mail that has a lot of bubble wrap… you need to just roll around on it. So this happened at my house…

Aaaaand this is share-worthy just because it’s fabulous:

Also, I’m excited about the new freelance gig I’m doing with TV Talk! I’m hosting a show discussing the new CBS drama Hostages! My friend Joe Zettelmaier and I are co-hosting, it’s a ton of fun. The pilot ep of the show was quite good, I’m looking forward to watching and discussing/dissecting it more over the season. You should check it out – you can get the TV Talk App at, or you can also just listen to the show there, too! It’s fun – the app has an option for listeners to join in on the discussion. And while you’re there check out the other shows available. TV Talk: Hostages is one of over 60 shows you can listen to, so if you’ve got a favorite tv show, grab the TV Talk app and join in with a community of folks chatting about it!

Happy Friday, y’all!

Monday: A Pic Post Of Good Things

Random moments from the life of a Dad, Artistic Director, and Geek.

Sometimes your daughter gets old enough to drive a car.

And then you’re like


But then you get to do some light reading for work:


And you’re reminded


And the truth in that quote hits you like


And you think “There are a heck of a lot of wonderful things in my life”. Such as this renovation of the seating banks at Williamston Theatre:
From this…

20130826-123258.jpgto this…

20130826-123340.jpgwhere the second, third and fourth rows will have MUCH better sight lines to the floor of the stage, which is one more step to providing the best theatrical experience we can for our patrons!

In other good news, the Chelsea Community Fair was this weekend, and we had a blast. Along with rides and junk food and demolition derbies, we got to see this pig and her brand new piglets. Adorable, and now we’re fighting the urge to get a pig.


And, lastly, I’m excited to announce a new freelance gig – this Fall my pal Joe and I will be hosting a show on the TV Talk Network. TV Talk is a company that produces short-form talk shows discussing today’s favorite television entertainment. Joe and I will be hosting TV Talk: Hostages, a show about the new CBS series “Hostages”! Check out the details and download the free app at TV Talk – join us, it’ll be a ton of fun!


Wednesday Pic Post

Random pictures from the life of a dad/husband/geek who runs a theatre.

One of the ladies at work wore this recently – hilarious!

Theatres use a lot of these lamps – this is the picture I took to remember the details so I could order more of the right one! Feeling generous? Feel free to donate a box! 😉

I spent 4th of July cleaning out my garage. (These things happen….) and in a box of “miscellaneous stuff” I found this picture of my kids from about 10 years ago.


Now they’re both teenagers, and I suddenly found myself alone in the middle of the garage feeling melancholy and old, but also incredibly lucky for my life and family!
All those “they grow up so fast” cliches are true!

Then there’s this!

A quick shot from the dress rehearsal of Tuna Does Vegas!


Happy Wednesday, everybody!