Tuesday’s Miscellaneous Goodness…

There’s a terrific article, all about the Williamston Theatre, that was recently published by the Livingston Post. Written by Susan Parcheta, it says a whole bunch of nice things about us!

Check it out here: “Williamston Theatre Amazes”

This fake movie trailer from Jimmy Kimmel is hilarious, and has a ton of stars enjoying being ridiculous!

“Academy Award Winner Helen Mirren.  In a hovercraft.”

In other Tuesday news, my friend and colleague Joseph Zettelmaier is featured in the March edition of American Theatre!  A nice 4 page article about him as a playwright, and it discusses the production of Dead Man’s Shoes that we just ran at Williamston Theatre.  There’s no online version yet, but here’s a picture of the cover with his name!  Nice publicity for a great writer and a great guy.

And today’s last Tuesday tidbit – we’re in rehearsals now for The Usual: A Musical Love Story, and it’s a ton of fun. I did some recording of the cast going through some of the music, and maybe I’ll try and post a snippet of it sometime this week… in the meantime, here’s a shot of more research we’ve been doing for the show…

No, seriously, the way the taps attach to the wall, how they look, the various types of tap handles you can get.  I’ll post pics of the final version from the set in a few weeks!


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