The simple reminders

I like this a lot, and it’s worth re-posting once in a while, because it’s worth remembering once in a while!

Things to remember:
1) The worth of character;
2) The improvement of talent;
3) The influence of example;
4) The joy of origination;
5) The dignity of simplicity;
6) The success of perseverance.

Marshall Field (1834-1906)

2 thoughts on “The simple reminders

  1. Tony, I really appreciate your “all-over the place,” approach to blogging. It really is an interesting way of looking at the world and what you see as your place in it. Good job!

  2. Thanks, Gary – I really appreciate that. I sometimes question whether it would be more effective, or “career minded” or “professional” if I focused solely on either theatre, or family, but I’ve decided to adopt more of a “Commonplace Book” feel with it because I think all those aspects of life feed one another!

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