Wednesday Pic Post: Fun in May

So, life is busy. Starting performances of The Understudy this week, my son had his 12th birthday, my daughter and wife just got back from a trip to Washington DC where they did all sorts of cool things. Busy, but good!

Here’s a fun video from Tech Day of The Understudy, at Williamston Theatre:

And from tech day, here’s a shot of a fun little corner of the set that I like!

And a picture that I like a lot from the show:
(Michelle Held, me, Drew Parker)

Also, my friend Michelle (who is in The Understudy, and pictured above), did a photoshoot for a talented photographer, Chris Arace, and I think this is a really cool picture!

Click on the picture to go to his website!

Maggie, hugging a panda bear statue. I love this picture! 🙂

A couple more shots from Max’s birthday party:
Everyone who came got moustaches to wear. Just because. And, as you can see, they took them very seriously.

Here’s a handful of the party-goers relaxing outside!

I hope everyone out there is having as wonderful a week as I am! 🙂

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