Pic Post Thursday!

Random photos from random moments in the life of a random Dad, Husband, Artistic Director and geek…

The week in review:
This can’t be good, right?

Since the “service engine” light was distressing, Maggie and I got Pinkberry!
Okay, the “Service Engine” light may not have been the actual reason we got Pinkberry, but while we were having it, we discussed the fact that we’re less than two months away from the Warrior Dash, which we’ll be running together this July! Here’s me at the end of last year’s Dash: That’s why, despite the Pinkberry, this week I started really hitting the elliptical runner in the basement again, and last night the kids had me working my cardio by joining them in a long battle of “Just Dance” on the Wii:(“It’s easy, Dad – see the guy on the screen dressed all strange like you used to dress in the 80’s? You just follow all the moves he does until the game ends or you fall over and we roll you out of the way… whichever comes first.”)

Aaaaand lastly, the reviews for The Understudy at Williamston Theatre have been good so far, and audiences seem to be really enjoying it, but just to be safe we’re considering adding a new actor for the show:
Here’s Milo Lepard, son of Emily Sutton-Smith and John Lepard, hanging out on the set of The Understudy. He’s learning all the parts, just in case…

And now, a weekend full of shows! Hope your week has been good!

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