You can grow ideas, in the garden of your mind…

I watched Mr. Rogers a lot growing up. This video takes me back but, also, as an adult, it’s amazing to watch him and man oh man… my wife and I watched this, and she put it best: He was such a gentle soul. I love the way the PBS Idea Channel put together this remix (someone there named MelodySheep did it), and they have other remixes from other icons there also!)

Check out more of their terrific work here!

2 thoughts on “You can grow ideas, in the garden of your mind…

  1. Fred Rogers would never have made it on commercial (or cable) TV. His message was profound and his style was gentle. There wasn’t any room for product placement or tie-ins. THIS is why we need to protect public funding for broadcast TV and radio. The investment is meager (an entire year’s funding is less than 1 fighter jet) and the cost/return ratio is staggeringly positive.

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