More random good things

The last couple of weeks have been incredibly busy. Wonderful, productive and fun, and busy.
Some pictures, so I don’t forget!

20121122-000323.jpg Spending some quality time in the woods with my brother and father. (Unfortunately, no deer were harmed in the making of this picture.)

20121122-000521.jpgThe set model for END DAYS, coming up in 2013 at Williamston Theatre. (Kirk Domer = amazing set designer).

20121122-000729.jpgA picture from EBENEZER, now playing at Williamston Theatre! Gorgeous!

20121122-000848.jpgAn amazing breakfast from the College Inn B&B in Westerville, OH.

20121122-001415.jpgAt WT, our “Dark Nights In Billtown” series was a huge hit, thanks to the efforts of Artistic Associate Lynn Lammers. Staged readings of political plays, the weekend before the election, using the building in new and fun ways!

Lots more wonderful things going on… Including Thanksgiving tomorrow, and the chance to spend more quality family time. Hope life is terrific for all of you out there as well!

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