Thursday Pic Post

So I found myself in LA for a few days. I got to fist-bump Shrek while I was there.

I also, while looking at all the famous stars, found one that seemed perfect for a photo.


Aaaand it turns out that Princess Jasmine and I are friends. (Because when she’s not Princess Jasmine, she’s the wonderful Jade Waters Burch, a former Otterbein student who I directed in a Showcase!)


While in LA, my friends Mike and Jason took me to Meltdown Comics, an awesome comic book shop that also is the home of the NerdMelt performance space. They also have this:


Additionally, I was in NYC for a few days, but it was a quick trip filled with mostly work, and one of these…


And on the flight home, the airline wanted to remind us…

20130418-214825.jpg…not to throw geometric shapes into the airplane toilet.

In non-related news, my wife and kids look great in this picture:


And here’s a nice reminder:


Happy Thursday everybody. Work hard, play hard, love each other, and hug people!

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