Milestone after milestone, life changes keep coming…

Wow.  So the last few weeks have been something else.

First, the awesome stuff:  Tomorrow, my youngest kid becomes a teenager.  Awesome.  I don’t know when that time between “Oh my God, it’s a boy!” and “Hey, he’s a teenager” happened, but it’s come and gone and he’s 13 now.

Other awesome stuff – we’re about to go into preview performances for “10:53” at Williamston Theatre, and I’m really pleased with it!

Other milestone stuff:  I got bifocals!  Whooo!  It’s funny, I really don’t mind the classic “He’s getting older” stuff, because it’s proof that I’m not dead yet!  And so the bifocals  A) are fun to get used to, and B) look pretty good on me!  Now, I just need to stop getting dizzy when I turn my head too fast, and everything will be fine.  🙂

And, probably the biggest revelation of the last few weeks, I’ve been diagnosed with diabetes.  So, big life change there.  It’s mild, no insulin shots for me yet – we’re pretty sure we can handle it with diet and exercise.  So – less sugar and carbs for me, more exercise, checking blood glucose regularly, and making sure it stays under control.  Unfortunately diabetes runs in my family, so I’m not very surprised to be diagnosed, but I’d hoped to avoid it by being pretty active and fairly healthy with my lifestyle.  Looks like I didn’t quite make that, but I’m currently in the “mild” range, and planning on keeping it that way.  So, now I’m learning lots about sugar, health, carbs, eating healthy, etc…

So, life keeps moving us forward!  It’s interesting, “10:53” is very much about having the strength to be honest about where you are in life, and recognizing when you’re stuck and having the courage to break out of that… and here is life, handing me “Your youngest is a teenager… and now you’re diabetic: Go!”.    Isn’t it funny how the universe works?

Amazing.  Onward and upward.  I’m a lucky guy who has a terrific family, and a terrific group of friends, and a terrific life.  The reminder to not take things for granted isn’t lost on me, and the reminder that my most important job is to help my kids grow into strong, wonderful people is welcome… and the reminder that there’s still a lot of life I have yet to experience, and a lot I have to learn, is truly appreciated.

So – Thanks, Universe.  I hear you.  Let’s do this.

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