Another Milestone

We completed our 7th Season at Williamston Theatre on Sunday!

Over 7 years and 42 productions ago, I wrote this post!

It’s amazing how that all seems like it was BOTH yesterday, and a million years ago!

Now, we continue moving forward:

  • There are construction workers downstairs beginning renovations to our seating risers, and construction on a new entrance into the theatre from the back of the house, so we can finally bring actors in from all 4 corners of the room!
  • In addition, season 7 was our most profitable and well-attended season yet.
  • In a couple of weeks we have our Season Launch Party for Season 8!
  • This weekend the Lansing City Pulse had their theatre awards ceremony, where WT won 9 Pulsar awards!
  • We also won several awards from the Lansing State Journal, and are nominated for several by the Rogue Critic
  • Tonight we’ll be attending the Wilde Awards, the state-wide theatre award ceremony, where WT is nominated for 10 awards! Whether we win or lose in any of these awards isn’t really the point, it’s nice to be nominated and to be in the company of some of the finest artists in the state.

All in all – it’s been a pretty great 7 seasons, and we’re incredibly grateful to everyone who had a part in getting us where we are: Donors, audiences, volunteers, actors, designers, directors, writers, crew…  we’re very lucky to have the support of so many wonderful people.

So, a couple of weeks for renovations, planning and preparation, and then it’s time to start rehearsals for another show!

First, though, first I’m going to take a sec and look back at these last seven years, and enjoy the view.  Lots of good things, lots of mistakes, lots of lessons, lots of good theatre, and lots of wonderful people.  Thank you, everyone who was involved, for everything you’ve done!



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