A New Year’s Eve Pic Post!

A bunch of random things from the last couple weeks of 2013!

Mike Tyson, apparently, wants us to have a nice Christmas.

We had a bunch of family time – here Max and his cousin Jamis are about to unleash Nerf Warfare on the rest of us… Unexplainably topless.

We got some snow! I love a white Christmas!

For a fun change of Christmas Eve, we went out for Chinese food. (We did our usual traditional big family dinner earlier in the week!)

Christmas morning aftermath!

My awesome coworkers at Williamston Theatre at our staff Christmas Lunch!

Any “Cards Against Humanity” fans out there? They had a great “12 Days Of Christmas” thing this year you could sign up for… This was my final gift! So fun!

And, finally, I just like this a lot:

Happy Holidays everyone!

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