A Friday Link-o-Rama, And Some Reviews!

Lots of good things the last couple of weeks –

Here’s a nice article about the 10th Season at Williamston Theatre!

Speaking of Williamston Theatre, we opened Rounding Third, reviews have been great!

Along with praising the wonderful actors in the show, Lansing State Journal says I have “expert storytelling abilities”, which I’m totally reminding my wife and kids next time they tell me I’m talking too much!

In addition, Encore Michigan had great things to say about the show.

Prince has a new album out.  It’s a self-described “experiment”, because it doesn’t sound like a lot of folks expect a Prince album to sound like, I guess.  That’s an interesting thing, though, because there are a lot of his 38 albums that don’t sound like any of his other albums – his “sound” changes quite a bit.  It’s a fun album though and, interestingly, he only released it (for now anyway) on the streaming service Tidal.  Here’s an interesting EW article about it.  And if you like that, here’s one about how he just played a small gig for Madonna!

Other fun things: My pal Joe and I are still doing the ridiculous and fun podcast Central City Underground for Golden Spiral Media.  We just started season 2 of that great CW superhero show, The Flash.  If you need a refresher on Season One, here it is!  If you want to check out the latest episode of the podcast, that’s right here!

And lastly – I am getting more and more excited for the next installment of Sherlock!  This trailer is beautiful!

Have a good weekend everybody.  Celebrate Everything!

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 3.30.07 PM

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